Visit from the German Ambassador Hans-Dieter

Visit from the German Ambassador Hans-Dieter Lucas

On 5 October 2021, German Ambassador to France, Hans-Dieter Lucas, visited the EPEX SPOT headquarters in Paris.

He was welcomed to our premises by Ralph Danielski, CEO of EPEX SPOT. After a discussion of current developments on the German and European electricity markets, the delegation visited the Market Operations room. Market Operations is the heart of the Power Exchange, where market prices are calculated based on Europe-wide demand and supply.

Visit from the German Ambassador Hans-Dieter

Innovation for the German market

Within Europe, France and Germany have always had a particularly close relationship. The strong link between the two countries is also reflected in the electricity market, where Market Coupling contributes to security of supply. EPEX SPOT has a track record of introducing innovative products on the German power market. The Exchange was the first to introduce a 15 minute Intraday auction already in 2014, setting a reference price for flexible generation. Thanks to such products, a significant amount of renewable energy is very well integrated into the power market today and their feed-in follows the market price signal. This testifies that the power market is essential to enable the energy transition.