EPEX Beyond Flexibility

EPEX Beyond Flexibility

EPEX SPOT has always been a company with a profound team-spirit and a close connection between colleagues. Preserving this connection while enabling more flexibility has been a key focus throughout the past years.

The Covid crisis has challenged our organisation. Even if we already believed in a flexible organisation with for example the possibility to work from home, the pandemic pushed even further the boundaries of our way of working together.

Together, we have the power to go beyond flexibility while maintaining efficient working interaction, closeness and promoting leadership.

EPEX Beyond Flexibility is embracing our Diversity

Our corporate values are important tools to guide us.
They illustrate our convictions and provide us with a common framework to operate wherever we are, in the office or at home. At EPEX, we empower our talents by offering them the opportunity to work on challenging European projects, to learn on the job and to experiment with ideas in a collective and agile setting.

A multitude of jobs, cultures and profiles set the basis of our working dynamic and enriches our daily exchanges. There are as many working locations as there are Epexians, thanks to our working-from-home practices. In addition, colleagues work from seven different EPEX SPOT Offices: Amsterdam, Bern, Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris and Vienna.

EPEX Beyond Flexibility

Our Home office agreement in the light of EPEX Beyond Flexibility

Working from home undeniably brings additional flexibility to our work-life balance. In 2021, a new home office scheme has been established and tested. It enables EPEXians to work from home on an even more regular basis, tailored to their needs:

EPEX Beyond Flexibility
colleagues work from home up to three days per week.
EPEX Beyond Flexibility
colleagues work fully from home, with few days presence per month at one of our seven EPEX SPOT offices.

Together we create our work experience of the future

A dedicated internal initiative helps us move even further. Its goal is nothing less than to create our work experience of the future. In different workstreams, a group of colleagues volunteer to collect needs and design solutions that improve the way we collaborate, the way we use our IT tools, the way we organise our workspaces and our work community, the way we stay tuned and live the EPEX culture together.

EPEX Beyond Flexibility

Market Operations are one example of the challenge to strike the right balance of EPEX Beyond Flexibility

Market Operations teams operate and monitor several trading platforms, some being a 24/7 business. Ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted running of processes and communications is essential: team spirit, cooperation and knowledge-sharing are vital success factors. EPEX beyond flexibility is also a reality for Market Operations, with some duties carried out from home in a highly secure way.