EEX Group: Sustainability becomes a reality of the market

EEX Group: Sustainability becomes a reality of the market

As part of EEX Group, we contribute to the group-wide sustainability efforts that drive our business, our offer and the way we work on a daily basis. The EEX Group Sustainability Committee oversees and pilots these actions.

As the issue of climate change becomes more and more pressing, sustainability has gone from a simple buzzword to an integral part of many businesses. Each person and each company has to take responsibility for their impact on our planet, and constantly strive to minimise it as much as possible.

Building sustainable markets, together

The companies of EEX Group have a long-standing expertise in building and operating energy and environmental markets. At the same time, the depletion of natural resources and the need to protect the latter have become a shared effort of our society. Everybody is concerned by sustainability, be it in its environmental, economic or social dimension. EEX Group recognises this responsibility, constantly developing our business, our environmental impact and our social involvement. This is also an incremental part of the Group’s DNA.


At EEX Group, we help to make markets more sustainable.

Power markets

EEX, EPEX SPOT and Nodal operate the power markets of EEX Group. The decarbonisation of the energy sector is a shared objective of businesses, citizens and policy-makers alike. EEX Group is no exception. On the long-term markets, new products facilitate long-term hedging, providing the security market participants need to safely transition to a subsidy-free power market. On the short-term market, a tailor-made product suite, such as sub-hourly contracts and close-to-real-time trading enable the efficient physical integration of renewables. The spot markets of EEX Group that are operated by EPEX SPOT are part of the pan-European Market Coupling that connects 27 countries across the continent and optimises electricity flows across Europe. The move away from fossil fuels, in combination with a rapid increase of renewable generation capacities, is part and parcel of efforts to protect our resources. Therefore, power markets facilitate a sustainable future.


EEX Group: Sustainability becomes a reality of the market

Carbon markets

EEX has been operating markets within the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) since 2005. The EU ETS serves as a model worldwide, and the expertise of EEX Group in this respect is recognised across the globe. This is illustrated by the recent partnership between EEX and New Zealand Exchange (NZX). Since 2021, EEX is operating the sales platform for the German fuel ETS (nEHS). Carbon markets put a price on “the right to pollute”. This makes them an important tool to set the right incentives for industries to pollute less and to operate in a more sustainable manner.

Freight markets

The recently launched Zero Carbon Freight Index is just one example of how the companies of EEX Group are providing tools to market participants to efficiently tackle the sustainability challenge. The decarbonisation of the shipping value chain is in full swing and will considerably impact the shipping sector in the years to come. EEX Group is committed to remain at the forefront of these developments and provide solutions that allow our customers to rely on transparent price formation that give them security for their investments. This means that companies receive the means to fulfill their sustainability commitments while benefiting from business opportunities.

EEX Group: Sustainability becomes a reality of the market

Hydrogen market

Based on price-assessments that have been established with independent experts, EEX has been working on a hydrogen index suite that will become a reference in the hydrogen market of tomorrow. This hydrogen index will be the first publicly-traded index, tracking hydrogen as a commodity. EEX has further been working in partnership with 120 market participants in 6 different countries to create the hydrogen market of tomorrow. Hydrogen is a sustainable fuel and clean energy source. It is considered a central pillar in achieving an emission-free power generation.

Guarantees of Origin market

The expertise of EEX Group covers the whole value chain of Guarantees of Origin (GOs). From registries for GOs operated by EEX and Grexel, to a brand new GO spot auction which will be launched jointly by EPEX SPOT, EEX and ECC. Today, GOs empower consumers to be in the driver’s seat of the energy transition. This is of course particularly relevant in the context of the energy transition, with consumers – be it final consumers or industrial ones – opting to exclusively use electricity from renewable resources. This gives GOs the very important role of empowering consumers to be in the driver’s seat of the energy transition.

GOs empower consumers to be in the driver's seat of the energy transition.

Environmental impact

It starts with us: Sustainable work environment

While sustainable markets are at the heart of the business of EEX Group, we agree that all sustainability efforts start with us, our company and our daily work. We are offsetting our CO2 emissions from the areas electricity, heat, water, business travel, car fleet, paper and waste. In 2021, EEX Group compensated 101 tonnes of CO2.

The human resources policy of EEX Group is laid out for the long term and we prioritise the protection of the environment and resources within the scope of our business and office life.

These sustainability efforts go down to the most fundamental basics of our work, such as office equipment: office material that is ordered has to fulfill certain requirements, ecological standards are applied for furniture, fleet management and goods consumed by employees. Even down to the processes of office management, the companies of EEX Group strive to make a difference.

Strengthening the compatibility of work and private responsibilities and promoting the further personal development of our employees are of great importance to us.

Social involvement

It continues with you: from engagement to change

EEX Group actively supports charitable initiatives and associations dedicated to education, sustainability, the environment and social concerns. In addition, we advocate the promotion of education and science relating to the energy market and energy-related subjects. An example for this is the EEX Group Excellence Award, presented for outstanding academic theses dealing with technical, commercial or political questions related to energy and exchange trading.

Transparent tracking of Sustainability efforts

In 2021, the EEX Group Sustainability Committee – an internal group of committed colleagues from different group-wide departments, created the ESG Dashboard, which gives a comprehensive overview of specific KPIs with regard to our Environmental, Social and Governance targets, making it possible for us to measure our carbon footprint and, in doing so, contribute to a more sustainable workplace.

EEX Group: Sustainability becomes a reality of the market