Nordic markets – one year already

Nordic markets - one year already

EPEX SPOT celebrated the first anniversary of trading in the Nordics in May and June. Having onboarded a solid community of market participants, traded volume on both the Day-Ahead and Intraday markets has been developing well.

Traded volume in the Nordics in 2021:

Nordic markets – one year already
on Day-Ahead
Nordic markets – one year already
on Intraday

Boost for Nordic Intraday market

Since the launch of the EPEX Intraday market in the Nordics, the overall trading activity on this segment has increased by 30% in the region. This shows that our market entrance – and hence a choice of different trading offers for market participants – has given a boost to the overall dynamic of the Intraday market.

With our unparalleled system performance, EPEX SPOT is the Intraday platform of choice in the Nordic region.

Our Day-Ahead offer boasts the usual features such as diverse block orders, with a stable and consistent price formation in the region.

With the European markets being more and more integrated, it is important for Uniper to work with power exchanges serving our business across Europe. Present in Central & Western Europe, Great Britain and now the Nordics, EPEX SPOT is a great partner which has demonstrated its system robustness, especially in Intraday. The synergies with EEX group enable as well to benefit from pan-commodity synergies like cross-margining.

Nordic markets – one year already