Launch of Polish trading offer

Launch of Polish trading offer

In 2021, Poland joined the twelve countries already available on the EPEX SPOT trading screen. The long-standing partnership with our Clearing house European Commodity Clearing allows cross-margining clearing and our customers benefit from EEX Group synergies.

MNA – the prerequisite for a successful market launch

In the framework of the EU Regulation on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management, power exchanges and TSOs implemented a so-called Multi-NEMO Arrangement (MNA) in Poland. This paved the way for EPEX SPOT to offer our services in Poland. The MNA was implemented on 9 February 2021, and one day later EPEX SPOT and clearing house ECC launched our Day-Ahead offer on the Polish market. 


Launch of Polish trading offer
traded on the EPEX Day-Ahead in Poland in 2021

A European one-stop shop to foster the Polish power market

Generation and consumption trends of a country have a direct impact on market activity and liquidity. Poland being one of Europe’s largest power markets, consumption-wise, its power market has a lot of relevance in the efficiency of the overall electricity system. Our Day-Ahead offer brings market participants the tools and functionality they need to make the best of their portfolio:

  • All markets on one screen: The Polish Day-Ahead market integrates seamlessly with all other twelve markets already available on the EPEX Trading System (ETS).

  • Best in class API solutions: Application Programming Interface (API) are a type of software that interfaces with the EPEX SPOT trading system and allows users to implement automated trading strategies (“algo-trading”). APIs are developed by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). With this launch, EPEX SPOT brought the biggest community of ISVs to customers in Poland.

  • One clearing setup across markets and products: Members benefit from fast and safe financial and physical settlement by the clearing house ECC. It includes strong protection against counterparty risks and cross-margining savings across all spot markets and products.

  • Unique block products, fitting the Polish energy mix: Block orders allow traders to customise their orders by combining a certain number of hours within one order. Customers therefore use block orders to tailor their trading activity to particular generation and consumption profiles. Loop blocks can be used to optimise storage facilities, curtailable blocks provide additional flexibility to thermal units, linked blocks support optimisation strategies and large blocks allow them to value large assets.

Polenergia is Poland’s largest private energy group. Our mission is to contribute to a zero-carbon economy, and these efforts are made throughout our entire business. With EPEX SPOT we have not only found a partner who shares our sustainability principles, but its rich and innovative trading offer enables us to best use the Polish power market to the benefit of our clients.

Launch of Polish trading offer

The Polish Day Ahead auction is part of the pan-European Single Day-Ahead Coupling. This secures one single reference price in Poland, even with several power Exchanges being active on the market. 

On to the next one – Polish Intraday launch in 2022

EPEX SPOT and ECC completed their product suite in Poland in February 2022, by launching our Intraday continuous market in the country. This highly competitive offer keeps the same promises as the Day-Ahead market, with a single trading screen to access the markets of the Nordic region, Central Western Europe, Great Britain and Poland. It also includes an unmatched number of ISVs, economies of scale for ECC customers and the powerful M7 system, the most performant Intraday trading system in Europe.