Accelerate the Digitalisation – how data shapes trading and vice-versa

Accelerate the Digitalisation – how data shapes trading and vice-versa

With our trading offer for 13 countries, a vast set of Market Data becomes available to our customers. From Market Data transactions and detailed orderbooks to specific Price Indices, we have the data that gives you the key insights relevant for your business. At the same time, EPEX SPOT ensures to provide an environment where digital trading strategies perform at their best.

Digital trading strategies set the pace

It is increasingly critical for market participants to utilise automated trading applications to react quickly to fluctuations in power production and demand. Renewable energy has direct impacts on the Intraday market and its volatility is several times higher than that of financial markets. This new trend is manifested by the ratio of volumes traded via Automated Programming Interfaces (APIs). An API is a communication channel which can be used by market participants to send and receive specially formatted and standardised messages to and from our trading systems. They are an interface against which market participants can program a software.

A trend in full swing

By automating the trading process, trading members can pre-define and customise their trading strategies across the entire value chain; they can trade outside of regular business hours and achieve better prices.

This digitalisation trend is in full swing: Volumes traded via API have hit a new high of 55% in 2021 (47% in 2020). This ratio is even higher when looking at orders, with 79% submitted via an API.

Accelerate the Digitalisation – how data shapes trading and vice-versa
of volumes traded via API in 2021
Accelerate the Digitalisation – how data shapes trading and vice-versa
of orders submitted via API in 2021

Performant systems foster digital trading strategies

System performance is key to provide the environment needed for traders to put in place their digital trading strategies. This is illustrated by the constantly rising system load on the M7 system, used for the EPEX Intraday market:

M7 orders per day (as of February 2022):

Accelerate the Digitalisation – how data shapes trading and vice-versa
Accelerate the Digitalisation – how data shapes trading and vice-versa

EPEX SPOT is for us a business partner of choice. As a fully digital power trading-as-a-service company, we leverage AI to bring flexibility to spot markets in Europe. EPEX provides a secure environment, and very performant trading system which match with our cutting-edge business and technological needs.

Accelerate the Digitalisation – how data shapes trading and vice-versa

Market Data Services

Our wide range of data sets cover trading results of all our market areas. Different transmission modalities are available, such as API accesses or SFTP which enable you to select the solution which better fits to your organisation. Usage of our data sets can be internal, within your company only, or external, such as data display on a website, indexation, redistribution, etc. You can find more information and access to EPEX SPOT Market Data in the Webshop of EEX Group:

EPEX SPOT Price Indices

The reference price that emerges from the electricity market is key for the energy sector as a whole. This explains why all companies that are active on your markets rely on our indices as solid basis for their business decisions. The quality of EPEX Indices is secured by our high membership diversity, the rich order-book liquidity as well as market transparency and integrity secured by our Market Surveillance Office.


Auction indices

The 12am European Market Coupling Day-Ahead Auction is the one price reference on EU power markets and sets the settlement price index for most power derivatives futures and 3rd party supply contracts. As such, the resiliency and operational stability of the EPEX SPOT Day-Ahead auction is a key factor to deliver reliable indices to our customers. Even in the case of Market Coupling fallback in the Central Western Europe region, our highly liquid order books would ensure firm and reliable price indices.

Our suite of local auctions provides qualitative market price signals for more specific needs you might have for indices with finer granularities (30min, 15min), creating opportunities for your business.

Continuous indices

Intraday Continuous markets at EPEX SPOT are booming thanks to unprecedented liquidity. As a consequence, EPEX SPOT provides premium continuous price indices to our customers. The Intraday continuous markets we operate feature the most powerful trading system in Europe. The high system load resiliency, increased trading opportunities thanks to Market Coupling and the highest liquidity in Europe for local markets directly contribute to the quality of our indices. In addition to the IDFull index, which captures the whole continuous trading session, unique ID3 and ID1 indices have seen a growing success among our trading members as key reference indices for close-to-deliver and last-minute balancing. They directly reflect the market situation in the most relevant timeframes for Intraday trading, right up until delivery.

Accelerate the Digitalisation – how data shapes trading and vice-versa

You can find more information on our Indices here:

Aggregated curves

With the implementation of Multi-NEMO arrangements across Europe, the power markets of several European countries are now operated by more than one Power Exchange (NEMO). This created a need for market participants to access joint aggregated curves (All-NEMO curves), reflecting the offer and demand submitted in the order-books of all power exchanges active in a bidding zone. Since 14 October 2021, EPEX SPOT Members and Market Data customers have been able to access aggregated bid curves of all NEMOs involved in the Single Day-Ahead Coupling on EPEX markets, also for areas where several NEMOs are active. This is the result of joint cooperation of different stakeholders in the all NEMO Committee. The publication of aggregated curves makes the price formation process fully transparent. EPEX SPOT aggregated curves perfectly reflect the market equilibrium with unique net position and executed block shifts as well as detailed All-NEMO block orderbooks.

Aggregated curves are published on our website and available on the Market Data sftp server.